Miami Beach Convention Center
The main challenge that this project presented was not the 65,000 square feet area, nor the fact that we had only three working days to finish, because of an upcoming conference. The main challenge was that the ceiling height at the Miami Beach Convention Center is 35 feet. In order to work at this height we had to invent a new work methodology and be elevated using lifts. We were successful in achieving an excellent result, in the time required, and at a reasonable price – guaranteeing a total satisfaction to our client.

Super Store
The principal contractor for one of the largest department stores in the United States asked us to clean a 120,000 square foot, 24-hour store, in 4 working days. For this assignment, our main objective was to complete the job without interrupting the store’s 24-hour business hours. To achieve this, we used four different crews at four different areas within the store. We were able to reach our goal without interrupting store operations, and without any complaints from its customers. This positive experience was a result of appropriate coordination among the client, the contractor, and our company.
Hospitals, Laboratories, and Universities
We are currently working very closely with research centers in Hospitals, Laboratories and Universities, treating and cleaning ceilings in various areas with the goal of eliminating mold and mildew from offices and labs, including several refrigerated areas.

Services we provide:

• All types of ceiling cleaning / sanitizing
• Acoustical ceiling restoration
• Acoustical ceiling coating or painting
• Wall cleaning / sanitizing
• FRP wall cleaning & restoration / like new
• Vinyl gridcap grid covers / snap on
• Smoke damage cleaning
• Vent cleaning
• Clean light lens inside / out
• Provide maintenance contract
• PosiGrip - a Non-Slip activated treatment for floors & bathtubs